The most important milestones in my career:

  • 1980 for the food industry at the age of 17
  • 1984 first foreman duties
  • 1988 the first planning tasks related to production organization, efficiency and resource allocation
  • 1989 first production manager duties
  • 2003 product-group liability, pricing, sales, etc.
  • 2006 managing director duties
  • 2014 was involved in carrying out and experiencing significant business transactions
  • 2016 implementing a factory's start up and development project
  • 2017 The establishment of the company

Main studies and education

  • Food processing engineer
  • Master's degree studies in engineering, production economics, business development and management
  • Rationalization and work researcher education
  • Managing director education
  • ABM (Approved Board Member)
  • A large number of different human-related studies and education